Buying a new car is always a pleasure, but also a moment of excitement. The wide offer is easy to get confused, especially if your previous experience with cars has been solely passenger.

The prospective driver has to deal with many issues, two of which are particularly important – where to look for a good car dealer and where to find car leasing on friendly terms.

We at Sik family team will help you get a new car without spending a lot of time and nerves – keep reading and find out the answers to your questions!

4 Things You Need To Know About Car Dealerships

4 Things You Need To Know About Car Dealerships

Each prospective car owner chooses whether they need the latest car model from a showroom or a used car to be sold by their owner or dealer. Although the search for a new and a used car is not the same and different criteria need to be considered in each case, the same factors are relevant when comparing car dealerships. Here are our suggestions for identifying a trusted dealer.

1. Reputation

Where can I Find a Good Vehicle? The answer seems self-evident, but new and used car dealerships can be equally professional and reliable. Choose dealers with content-rich websites, companies that are not afraid to tell about themselves and their products and highlight success and praise from industry experts. A good car dealer provides not only the opportunity to buy a car, but also technical support, car repair, as well as assistance.

2. Market experience

A new player in the car sales market may be less familiar with the local situation, so it is advisable to choose car dealers who have worked in Latvia for at least a couple of years. A long dealer history also provides more reviews and makes it easier to check your reputation.

3. Openness and knowledge

One of the most important criteria when choosing a car is the car information provided by the dealer and advice on choosing the right car. If your goal is to buy a used car, enter into a contract only if the car dealer provides access to:

  • history of roadworthiness tests;
  • VIN number ;
  • car service book.

Every car dealer should give you helpful tips and help you understand what makes one model different and what car is best suited to your needs (off-road, urban, frequent travel, etc.).

4. Offer

The bigger the offer, the more choice, but you can hardly compare hundreds and thousands of cars objectively, can you? Particularly broad offer is important in the first stage of selection, when the basic criteria are taken into account. The most important thing is the professionalism of the dealer, so that the seller can give you a detailed description of each model that suits you. If the supply is high but the dealer has minimal knowledge of the product, it is easy for the buyer to get confused and make the wrong decision.

Another important criterion is the ability to buy a car through leasing. Let’s talk about this in more detail in the article below!

Car leasing in Latvia: offer from banks and non-bank lenders

Car leasing in Latvia: offer from banks and non-bank lenders

The car is a reasonably expensive pleasure, so rarely does anyone manage to buy a car at full price. Usually you need a loan to buy a car, and the most common car owners are opting for car leasing.

Please note that for each borrower the most advantageous car leasing will be their own – one of the most important criteria is the minimum loan overpayment, another – the possibility to replace the car after the end of the lease, another – to keep the car after full repayment of the loan. To avoid any misunderstanding, find out immediately what types of leasing your car or lender offers and decide if the offer fits your needs.

The main thing about car leasing

Car leasing is available from some auto dealers as well as from bank and non-bank lenders. Every creditor’s website has a car leasing calculator that calculates:

  • the monthly payment amount;
  • total leasing costs;
  • the credit limit available to the borrower.

Please note that all calculations of the leasing calculator are approximate as the car leasing contract is prepared individually. Contract terms are affected by the following factors:

  • age and make of selected car;
  • loan amount and repayment term;
  • the borrower’s credit history and solvency.

Many potential borrowers are interested in two special types of leasing: a car with a bad credit history and a down payment car leasing. Nowadays, the number of creditors offering auto loans to individuals with active debts and negative credit history has dropped significantly. On the Snopes family platform, you will find reliable creditors that can be useful even in difficult situations.

Leasing a car without a down payment is relatively easy, but the borrower has to expect higher leasing costs. If you have the opportunity to save money on your down payment, you better postpone buying a car for 6 to 12 months, as lenders can offer friendlier contract terms to a customer who is ready to invest their money in the purchase.

Car leasing is a handy solution for car buyers with different solvency and car requirements. Leasing offers both new and used car leasing, and nowadays leasing offers are flexible – use the information available on the Snopes family website and choose your creditor with us!


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